Oncology Massage Associates has been created by Rev. Bonnie May Barlow, CMT, CMLDT. 

A safe oasis of respite for anyone with medical challenges, living with a cancer diagnosis or at end of life preparing for their 'transition'.  A safe place to receive competent and qualified professional Touch Therapy.

A professional office with trained therapists where physicians feel confident referring their patients.

We work with all ages from all walks of life.

Our Massage Therapists are state certified with a minimum of 500 hours of basic massage therapy training and a minimum of 24 hours in oncology massage training. Most are working diligently to enhance their skills with continuing education and giving frequent sessions.

A Midwest hub that supports from diagnosis thru treatment back into day to day life and/or thru end of life/transition from this world.

 Our focused intention is on the clients optimal wellness, their celebration of life in this moment with grace, fearlessness & humor. 

To give a safe grounded sanctuary for exploration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds that reside in us all. To open an opportunity to access our essential core.

 Most importantly, to celebrate the Gift of Life. 

Treatment of the physical medical condition is left to the medical world.

As Massage Therapists, our responsibility is to be astute and well educated in our understanding of the presenting disease process and modifications needed to create a safe session for clients.

Bonnie May Barlow has 100ís of hours of advanced specialized training specific to oncology massage,  the medically fragile and end of life client.  She will soon be celebrating her 11,000th (eleven thousand) session with oncology , medically fragile and end of life clients.  She continues to travel the country attending trainings to further hone her specialized skills.  Additionally, for 12 years & counting, she works full time as a respected Massage Therapist within the medical community where she has given 1,000ís of hands on sessions to oncology/cancer, medically fragile and end of life clients in hospital, medical facilities, homes and her private practice, Art of the Heart Therapies. Bonnie quietly mentors/nurtures anyone who asks for consultations and is a wonderful resource for clients, caregivers and therapists.

Got a question?  Call her.

Abstracts were accepted at:

 Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY 1st International Symposium on Complimentary Therapies in Oncology Care

 Michigan Hospice Palliative Care Annual Conference.