2014 will have Oncology Massage Associates sponsoring national & internationally acclaimed trainings here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The successful completion of these trainings will be the base for earning Advanced Certification in working with this special population of clients.

 Unique to this certification program will be the immediate implementation and honing of newly acquired classroom skills in our local clinics.  MT's will be carefully supervised/mentored/challenged in exploring and applying newly acquired skills from the classroom.

The clinics will be overseen by successful in the field massage therapists both locally and from around the country.  Therapists with years of practical clinical experience will add a dynamic component to this new certification program.

The appropriate translation of classroom gained knowledge into practical skills is critical to the development of competent practitioners.  Having supervised clinics immediately following the classroom trainings will greatly increase the ability of the student to retain and integrate more fully what has been presented.

This certification program will be by application and classes will remain small in order to have excellent instructor/mentor ratio for optimal learning environment/training.

While the ability to pay for a training is quite important, it will not be the sole criteria for acceptance into the program.  There will be no 'cattle call' large enrollment classes that keep students from receiving the attention needed for thorough absorption of material presented.

If this stirs your heart & passion for caring, then please contact us for more information.